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Complete Halstead-Reitan

Neuropsychological Test Battery

for Adults and Older Children



Level: B

Price: $2262.00


        NDS+ Neuropsychological Deficit Scale Calculator Plus program for Windows Adults

        NDSOC Neuropsychological Deficit Scale Calculator program for Windows Older Children

        HCTAO-Win or HCTAO-Mac Halstead Category Test Adults and Older Children

        TMTADULT Trail Making Test Adults

        TMTCHILD Trail Making Test Older Children

        TAPPER Finger Tapping Test

        SSPTA Speech-sounds Perception Test Adults

        SSPTC Speech-sounds Perception Test Older Children

        RHY Seashore Rhythm Test

        TPTFRK Tactual Performance Test/Tactile Form Recognition Test Adults and Children

        AST Reitan-Indiana Aphasia Screening Test

        SPEXAM Reitan-Klove Sensory-Perceptual Examination

        LDGRIP Lateral Dominance/Grip Strength Test

        SUMFORMS HRB Summary of Results Forms