Review and Critique of

Test Administration and Scoring


This service involves written feedback of your administration technique and scoring, based on a review of a videotaped administration you submit to us. This offers a way for you to eliminate "examiner drift," and to ensure that you and/or your technicians are administering and scoring all Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Battery (HRB) tests in the appropriate and valid manner.



To use this service, you should submit a good quality videotape or CD/DVD of a complete HRB Battery administration, either the adult's, the older children's, or the young children's battery. Be sure also to send all written test forms from each test administered and your NDS Worksheet, so that your response recording and NDS scoring can be checked against our observations. Use a padded mailer for the videotape, and enclose another padded mailer, addressed to yourself, for us to use to return your tape to you. We will review these materials and provide written feedback on test technique and scoring within 3-6 weeks. All materials will be returned to you by mail.


Cost: $175/hr, with a 4-hr minimum charge. This is often sufficient time to review one full Battery. You will be billed for any balance. We will review and comment on only the NP parts of the Battery -- i.e., not the Wechsler, WRAT, MMPI, etc., although those can be left on the tape.


To get the most benefit from this service, it will be very important for you to submit a good quality recording. We must be able to clearly see the test materials, the patient, the test table, and at least some of the examiner. The camera should be placed so that it is not intrusive in the testing. We must be able to hear clearly both the examiner and the patient.


A "stand-in patient" can be used (e.g., a friend or colleague who pretends to be a patient), but their responses and the difficulties in testing that they would present to you are not likely to be as realistic as those from a "real" patient. Do not send along any additional clinical information about the patient, and please use only disguised names or initials on the test protocols.


Again, to get the most benefit from this service, you should be sure to have the instructions memorized. An administration from notes or by "winging it" is sure to be deficient.

While this service is open to beginning testers, it would be most useful to experienced examiners.



Disclaimers: We will not review technically deficient, damaged or defective videotapes. These will be returned to you, along with your test protocols and check, minus any costs incurred and a service fee. We cannot be responsible for videotapes that are damaged in the mail.


Offering this service does not imply or incur any clinical responsibility on the part of The Neuropsychology Center. You will retain full responsibility for the case. All materials received will be treated by The Neuropsychology Center as confidential, and will be used only for the purposes described above. All materials will be returned to you or destroyed, and we will not make or retain copies. Any ethical issues arising from this service will be handled according to APA guidelines and State law.