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Tactual Performance Test/Tactile Form Recognition Test

for Adults

Portable Version



Level: B

Price: $480.00

Includes: Tactual Performance Test Adult Board

Tactual Performance Test Blocks (not shown for test security purposes)

Tactual Performance Test Manual

Tactual Performance Test Forms (100 test forms)

Tactile Form Recognition Test

Tactile Form Recognition Test Stimuli (square, triangle, circle, cross)

Tactile Form Recognition Test Manual

Reitan-Klove Sensory Perceptual Forms (100 test forms)

Reusable blindfolds (2 masks)

Sterile gauze pads (40 pads)

TPTA.jpgAdult Tactual Performance Test


Tactile Form Recognition Test












The Portable version is designed to use the TFR board as the stand for the TPT.  The TFR board folds down to allow for portability.  All stimulus characteristics of the original TPT and TFR tests are fully retained.