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Halstead Category Test

Computer Version

for Adults


Item: HCTAD - Win

Level: B

Price: $459.00


         Halstead Category Test Computer Version for Adults download link

         4-button Answer Panel with USB connector

         6 foot USB extension cable

         Keyboard shield (for laptop users)

         User Manual

         Manual for Administration and Scoring

         Halstead Category Test recording forms Adults, 100 forms


Hardware and Software Requirements:

Windows 7 or later

Display monitor of 14 or more

2-button mouse

One available USB port



Description:      The HCT-CV for Adults is a computerized version of the Halstead Category Test for Adults.  The HCT-CV replicates all the salient features of the original Halstead Category Test without the bulk of the wooden display box and slide projector.  The HCT-CV implements the same test philosophy, testing procedures and materials of Halstead and Reitan.  As in the original HCT, the HCT-CV presents the Halstead Category test slides on a display screen, uses a separate 4-button patient answer panel, uses the same bell and buzzer sounds for correct and incorrect responses, and employs the same test administration instructions.  Further, the HCT-CV replicates the original administration procedures by having the examiner control slide presentation and interact with the patient.   


The HCT-CV for Adults offers portability, convenience, and improved accuracy in administration.  

The HCT-CV for Adults provides a printout of patient test results, standard scoring, and NDS rating.

The HCT-CV is directly comparable to the original gray box version of the Halstead Category Test.

This software is machine dependent and provides unlimited use.