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Advanced Training Seminar



Advanced Interpretation Techniques



September 23 – 25, 2019

 Plano, TX




This advanced training seminar will teach the interpretative techniques for the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Test Battery.  Core HRB interpretation methodologies and concepts will be reviewed and illustrated.  Advanced methodologies will be introduced.  Systematic integration of the various techniques will be illustrated for clinical case interpretation.  The goal of the seminar is to improve attendees’ ability to interpret HRB test results as related to brain-behavior relationships.


This seminar will emphasize the integrative use of HRB interpretation techniques and concepts for comprehensive interpretation of clinical cases.  This is a methodology and technique oriented seminar.  


All attendees must have previously completed a workshop from The Neuropsychology Center or Reitan Neuropsychology Labs and be knowledgeable about data plotting (as taught in the Administration and Interpretation seminar). By limiting enrollment to participants with this level of experience, we expect to be able to offer intensive, advanced training. There is opportunity for direct interaction between the instructors and participants. 


ACTIVE participation is expected of all attendees!


Learning Objectives:

Participants in this seminar can expect to recognize and describe HRB interpretation techniques and methodologies.  They will be able to integrate and apply fundamental HRB interpretation principles to clinical cases.  They will be able to explain the correct procedures for data plotting and computation of summary measures.  They will be able to describe test performances and patterns as they relate to brain-related functions and conditions.  They can expect to be able to implement the advanced interpretation techniques with HRB cases. 


CE Credit:

15.0 hours of Continuing Education credit for Psychologists.



Full attendance at the seminar is required to receive CE credit. Partial credits cannot be awarded.



 Jim Hom, Ph.D.
 Janice Nici, Ph.D.


The faculty members are experienced neuropsychologists with extensive background in the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Batteries. Both have been faculty members of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and are founders of The Neuropsychology Center. The faculty members have provided graduate level and post-doctoral training in Clinical Neuropsychology.



Day 1:

·         8:45 - 9:00     Registration, Introductions, seminar format and schedule

·         9:00 – 12       Seminar content

·         12 - 1:30        Lunch (on your own)

·         1:30 - 4:30     Seminar content


Day 2:

·         8:45 – 12       Seminar content

·         12 - 1:30        Lunch (on your own)

·         1:30 - 4:30     Seminar content


Day 3:

·         8:45 – 12       Seminar content

·         12 - 12:15      Final comments, questions; Course evaluation




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Disclosure of financial interest:  The Neuropsychology Center receives income from the sale of the materials described in this seminar.